Sumo Citrus® talk

What are people saying about Sumo Citrus®?

• Consumers

"Delicious!" – Darin O.

"SO SWEET!  Much sweeter than Japanese Dekopon" – Takashi W.

"I love the intense, sweet taste, and almost floral bouquet."  - Suzy W.

"This is the best of tangerines and oranges.  It looks interesting, and tastes great.  I will look for it in stores, and buy it when I can." – Richard G.

"Interesting flavor, with character – people will remember it once they taste it."
– Glenn Y.

• Chefs

"This is everything citrus should be:  I can't wait to play with it in the kitchen."
– Jill D. , Executive Chef

"Excellent!  It's sweet and refreshing; it's dessert quality fruit"
– Joe M., Restaurant owner and chef

"These are great!  I'll serve them sectioned in a half-skin as an unusual, refreshing dessert." – Kathy C., Caterer

"Very sweet and aromatic – I would like to make a sorbet with this fruit."
– Natalie K., Wine Bar Assistant Chef

"Corporate Chefs loved it, (the owner) loved it, salespeople loved it – everyone who tried it LOVED IT!" – Lenny N., Foodservice Distributor


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